Build & Repair Computers

This is a list of some of my favorite online places to find information regarding building/assembling and repairing computers. I began assembling my own computers in 1996 after purchasing a new computer only to find that it did not work. After spending hours on the phone (at my expense) with the companies tech support I came to the conclusion there had to be a better way. Learn to assemble a computer yourself!

The magazine Maximum PC is also a worthy resource if you want to build your own computer. They have a lot of step by step tutorials on how to build computers, reviews of hardware, video games and software, trouble shooting tips and computer builds that can be used as a template to build your own computer.


Each "forum" is unique and has it's own "feel" determined by the types of people who frequent it. If you don't like one forum try a different one. NOTE: Most forums have rules regarding where and how questions are posted/asked and answered. Take a minute to review the forum rules before you post/ask or answer a question.