Friday, August 28, 2020

Separate a Section In a Clip at Both Ends - Pro Tools


The following steps show you how to cut/separate a section out from within a larger clip. The section can then be moved, muted, deleted, independently processed, have effects added to it and more.

To break/separate a selection within a clip at both ends:

  1. Enable "Commands keyboard Focus" by clicking on the Commands Keyboard Focus button (a/z) at the upper right corner of the Pro Tools Edit window. See the image below.
Track in Pro Tools showing the Commands Keyboard Focus button.
  1. Select the section you want to break/separate from within a clip.
  • To select a section within a larger clip:
    • Left click and hold down the left mouse button in the upper half of the track at the point you want to begin your selection.
    • Drag the mouse cursor over the section you want to select.
    • Release your left mouse button when you've finished your selection.
  1. Press the letter B on your keyboard to "break" the selected section on each end.

Each end of the separated clip is given a name. You can use the "Trimmer" tool or place a fade to the left or right of either vertical line/break. See the image below.

A Selection Within a Clip in Pro Tools.