Sunday, August 21, 2022

Color Code a Track's Channel Strip - Pro Tools


Color coding a track's channel strip is one way to keep a Pro Tools session organized. If the session is organized you will be able to work more quickly with less stress. You will have more time and mental energy available to express your creativity.

To color code a tracks channel strip:

  1. Left click on the "Name Button" of the track channel strip you want to color code. The background behind the track name will turn white. See the image in step two below.
  1. Double left click on a track's color bar to open the Color Palette. Color bars are located above and below each track channel strip in the Mix Window. Color Bars are located to the left of each track in the Edit Window.

    The track color bar in the image below is the blue verticle bar to the left of the track. This is as it appears in the Edit Window.

Channel Strip In The Edit Window of Avid Pro Tools
  1. Left click on a color within the Color Palette to choose it. The color you choose will become outlined in white. See the next image in these directions for an example.
  2. Left click on the "Apply to Channel Strip" button. I've outlined the Apply to Channel Strip button in red within the image below. It turns light blue once you click on it.
Color Palette with Apply to Channel Strip button in Avid Pro Tools
  1. Left click on the "Saturation" slider and hold your left mouse button down then drag it to the RIGHT until the track color strip looks the way you want it. I've outlined the Saturation slider in red within the image below.
Color Palette Showing Saturation Slider in Avid Pro Tools


  • Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while dragging the Saturation slider to make very small changes in saturation level.
  • Adjust the "Brightness" slider as desired.
  • A tracks color bar can be changed. See my Quick Start Color Code A Track's Color Bar.