Saturday, October 14, 2023

Use .Wav File Drum Samples With Slate Trigger

Use Wav Files With Steven Slate Trigger and Pro Tools

Slate Trigger 2 allows you to use .wav files as drum samples. If you use a .wav file as a sample you will hear the same sample each time a drum hit is replaced by Trigger 2.

The multi-sample .tci file format Trigger uses by default to replace a drum hit can sound more natural and realistic than a single file .wav drum sample.

You can make your own drum samples from drum tracks. See my tutorial Make Your Own Drum Samples to get started.

To install a .wav file as a drum sample that Trigger 2 can use:

  1. Open/run Trigger 2 in your DAW.
  2. Locate the folder called "Trigger2Library" on your computer. It holds all the samples Trigger 2 uses. Left click the "Settings" button in Trigger 2. You will see the location of the Trigger2Library to the right of the "Select Base Dir" button (see image below).

    Reminder: To open the Windows file manager (Explorer) press and hold down the Windows/Start key then press the letter E key.

  3. Copy the .wav files you want to use into the "Trigger2Library" folder. Make sure you DO NOT accidentally copy the .wav files into a sub folder/directory or you may have trouble finding them when you want to use them.

    NOTE: If you have multiple .wav samples I suggest you create your own folder or folders inside the Trigger2 Library folder. Give folders logical, meaningful names, for example, "tomwavs" or "snarewavs".

  1. Left click on:
  • Trigger's "Browser" tab (see image below)
  • the browser "Refresh" button to see your folder and .wav sample files
    Slate Trigger Browser Tab


  1. You can move the Trigger2Library folder to a location that is more convenient for you to access when saving and backing up your samples.
    • Left click the "Settings" button in Trigger 2 (see image below).
    • Left click "Select Base Dir" and navigate to where you want to move the Trigger2Library. The Trigger2Library and all of its contents will be moved to the location you choose.
  2. Save one or more backups of your .wav sample files and the entire Trigger2 Library folder/directory.
  3. There are good reasons to make drum samples. See my tutorial Make Your Own Drum Samples to learn more.

    If you are working with a drummer, discuss why you want to make drum samples and ask for permission BEFORE you sample any drums. From both a moral and legal perspective, the drummer's sounds are owned by the drummer.