Friday, August 28, 2020

Control One Setting Only in a Group - Pro Tools


Control One Setting Only in a Group:

This tip is useful if you want to change a setting on one track that is assigned to a group WITHOUT changing the same setting on the rest of the tracks assigned to the group.

For example, you have all the drums assigned to a group. The group has been selected and is active. You want to change a snare drum fader level without changing all the other drum levels and without deactivating the group.

  1. Press and hold down the "Windows" key.
    The "Windows" key is called a "modifier" key in Pro Tools. It has the Microsoft logo on it.
  2. Raise or lower the fader level of the snare drum track.

Holding down the Windows key allows you to change:

  • The level of one channel fader in a group.
  • The solo or mute status of one track in a group.

To suspend all groups:

  • Press and hold down the Ctrl and SHIFT then the letter g key on the keyboard. While holding down the Ctrl and SHIFT keys the g key can be used to toggle the suspend state from enabled to disabled.