Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Nudge Audio Inside a Clip Without Moving the Clip - Pro Tools


If the transient/beginning of a drum hit is cut off, the sound of the drum hit will not have as much impact. The kick drum hit in the clip below has had the transient truncated by the fade in. Nudge the audio inside the clip to correct this. See image below.

Fade in truncates transient within clip in Avid Pro Tools

Set the nudge value:

  1. Left click on the tiny drop down arrow (see image below).
  2. Left click on "100 Samples" to begin, change to 10 as/if needed.
Set the nudge value in Avid Pro Tools

To nudge audio inside a clip without moving the clip:

  1. Select the drum hit you want to nudge (left click on the bottom half of drum hit clip).
  2. Press and hold down the "Windows Start key" (has the Windows logo on it).
  3. Press the + (plus) key to move backward and - (minus) key to move forward on the time line. You must use the + and - keys on the numeric keypad.

The image below shows the corrected drum hit clip after the audio in the clip has been nudged to the right and forward on the time line using the - key.

Clip with nudged audio within it using Avid Pro Tools


You can nudge the audio within one clip or an entire track of clips at the same time. You must select all the clips you want to nudge.