Monday, August 24, 2020

Export an Audio Clip as a File - Pro Tools

To export an audio "clip" as a "file" in Pro Tools you must first "consolidate" the clip then export it. Export multiple clips at once by selecting all the clips you want to export.

  1. Select the clip.
Selected clip within a Pro Tools track.
  1. Press and hold down the SHIFT + Alt + 3 keys on your keyboard to consolidate the clip. You know a clip has been consolidated when you can no longer shorten or lengthen it with the "Trim Tool".
  2. Press and hold down the Shift + Ctrl + K keys to open the "Export Selected" window. See image below.
Export Selected Window in Avid Pro Tools
  1. Choose the "File Type" you want to export to. Use .Wav if you are not sure.
  2. "Format" In most cases use multiple Mono for mono tracks like drum hits, mono guitar or vocal parts. Interleaved for clips like stereo keyboard parts.
  3. Choose the "Bit Depth" and "Sample Rate" to export as. If you're not sure export at 24 Bit and 44.1kHz.
  4. Select the "Destination Directory" that you want to save to.
  5. Left click on the "Export" button.