Friday, August 28, 2020

Quickly Add Fade In/Outs - Pro Tools


NOTE: For this Quick Start a "clip" is defined as a segment of an audio file.

To quickly add fade in/outs:

  1. Select the clip/s on the track you want to add fades to.
  1. Press and hold down the Ctrl then the f key on your keyboard. The "Batch Fades" window will open. The default 10 millisecond fade in/out setting can be adjusted as/if needed to ensure that a fade-in has not removed the transient (beginning) of a selected clip.

Batch Fades Window in Pro Tools

  1. Left click on the "OK" button to automatically add a fade in and a fade out to each separate clip of the track. See image below.

Add fades to a single or multiple clips of a track.


To select a single clip on a track:

  • Left click on the bottom half of the clip you want to select. The background of a selected clip will darken. The second snare hit on the image below has been selected.

How to select a clip on a track using Pro Tools

To select the entire track and all its separate clips:

  • Left click in the upper half of the track.
  • Press and hold down the Ctrl then the letter "a" key on your keyboard to highlight all the separate clips on the track.

How to select all clips of a track in Pro Tools