Thursday, January 4, 2024

Set Multiple Aux Track Inputs At The Same Time


The following steps set the inputs of all selected aux tracks to a series of unused sequential buses. This process is faster than manually setting the input of each aux track individually. It works well when creating a new session or session template.

For this tutorial to work as described there must be sequential unused buses. You know a bus is NOT used when it's name is colored white, not yellow. For example, in the second image below the name "Buses 13-14 (Stereo)" is white and unused.

The aux tracks and buses must be the same width either mono or stereo. In the example below, I'm using stereo Aux tracks that I pair with stereo buses

Set Multiple Aux Track Inputs At The Same Time:

  1. Select all of the tracks you want to set the input for. See the image below.
  2. Press and hold down the SHIFT + CTRL + ALT keys on your keyboard.
  3. Left click on the Input Path selector of the first aux track in the group of tracks you want to set the input for. I've drawn a red line around the input selector of the Aux 1 track in the image below.
Input Path Selector In Pro Tools
  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the word "bus" on the menu.
Assign Buses To Inputs In Pro Tools
  1. Left click on an available pair of buses on the menu. Refer to the image above.

    In this example, I want to assign 3 sequential pairs of stereo busses to 3 stereo aux tracks. I'll select Buses 13-14 (Stereo). They will be assigned to the first selected stereo Aux track (Aux 1 in the image above). The Aux 2 track will automatically be assigned Bus 15-16 and the Aux 3 track will be assigned Bus 17-18. See the image below.

Set The Track Input To A Bus In Pro Tools